Hintersee Lake

The area of Hintersee Lake and Ramsau are among the most picturesque in the Bavarian Alps. Artists and novelists discovered both sites in the 1800s and, later, film-makers chose this area as an idyllic setting for alpine majesty and pastoral romance. The maximum water temperature is about 16°. Thus, swimming is only conditionally suitable.

Hintersee is a beautiful lake near Ramsau with a depth of 18 metres. The large number of fresh mountain water sources that feed the lake do not let the water warm up significantly even in the summer months. The road to the lake is about 4 km away, and if you go through a magical forest, you'll be charmed by the surrounding landscape already before you reach the lake. It is beautifully situated in the mountains and is ideal to rest your soul. In winter you can ski and sled, in summer - hike.


In the 19th century Ramsau Hintersee attracted a lot of famous artists from all over Europe such as Carl Anton Joseph Rothman; January 11, 1797, Handschuhsheim, now part of Heidelberg - July 7, 1850, Munich) - German landscape painter and the most famous representatives of a dynasty of artists Rotmanov (c. 1770-1880), Ferdinand Mueller (German: Ferdinand von Mueller, Ferdinand Jacob Heinrich Mueller, 1825-1896) - German naturalist, botanist, geographer of the XIX century, for many years a lot of effort applied to the study of the nature of Australia, Frederick Augustus Matthias Gauerman - Austrian painter and graphic artist, and even Heinrich Christian Wilhelm Busch - German poet, humorist and painter, representative of the Düsseldorf Art School, visited this beautiful mountain valley.

Hintersee Lake

Walking through this picturesque and truly artistic places you can actually visit the places where the great artists created their wonderful works, admired by the beautiful nature, and compare their feelings with your own emotions.

During summer time you can make boat trips in rowing or pedal-boats across the Hintersee. Furthermore, tours with an electric ferry boat called "Annerl" are offered. On these tours you can enjoy a magnificent view and learn a lot about the lake and the surrounding mountains.

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