Ski-touring race "Jennerstier" 2019

skitourenrennen jennerstier

On Friday, 15th of February, and on Sunday, 17th of February 2019: "Jennerstier" – the only ski-touring race in Germany with Alpine challenges and a history of more than 10 years!

In the context of the legendary ski-touring race "Jennerstier" there will be carried out two races on one weekend: Besides the classical individual race "Jennerstier" with an elevation gain of 1200 metres in the ascent and 1200 metres in the slopes and in total 5 ascents (with 2 support passages) and 5 slopes on Sunday there will be an additional sprint race on Friday at the mountain Obersalzberg, where the athletes will fight against each other in groups of 6 in a racing circuit with an elevation gain of around 100 metres in the knockout system – only the fastest go to the next round.

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